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We are the main Zetor Tractor dealer for Herefordshire, Worcestershire,  Gloucestershire and South Shropshire. We also have fully factory trained mechanics as well as a huge stock of spare Parts which we are able to supply to customers all over the UK.

Genuine Zetor Parts

Our Background

Zetors have been on our farm since March 1968. The first model we got was a 3011, which is still being used on farm today. This image shows our fleet of Zetors from September 2005 when we were dairy farming and were featured in a Tractor and Machinery piece.

Zetor Dealership

In 2006, we took on the Zetor Dealership for Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire and South Shropshire. We were doing this alongside being a dairy farm until April 2012, when we sold the dairy herd and decided to go full time in to the Dealership. We have since become the Distribution centre for Zetor UK.

Zetor Distribution centre

In October 2014, we became the distribution centre for all new Zetor tractors and Metal Fach Machinery. This change to the business meant that we were able to expand our workforce while continuing to focus on offering the best service possible to all Zetor Owners.


Please note that we are currently in the process of stocking up our online shop. We have a massive range of parts in stock so please don't think we don't have it available just because its not listed on here yet! If you need anything that's not listed please either call us on 01886853637 or email alan@zetor-dealer.co.uk


Our Address

Criftens Farm
Sapey Common, Worcestershire, England, WR6 6ES

Mon - Fri, 8am - 6pm
Saturday, 8am - 1pm

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